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  1. Hi everyone, I currently have 5.2-5565 Update 2 installed and have been running this for about 12 months. I'm looking to update to the last version of 5.2 (5.2-5967.1). Can I straight there or do I first need to go to 5592 then 5644? Do I need to install the new bootloader each time? Any information or links would be great. Thanks
  2. I'm running 5.2-5565 directly on a N54L (without esxi). Do I just run the regular DSM update method? No need to change boot image/run any commands?
  3. Hi All, Just been considering switching from FreeNAS to Xpenology on my N54L (with 8gb ram) as of late after checking out a friends. I seems there's a MUCH wider selection of plugins with the community repositories and the fact I can slap in extra drives without rebuilding my whole array is a KILLER feature for me. Just wondering if anyone has done this or is currently running xeponology and if it's much better in terms of performance over FreeNAS? Will my N54L with 8gb transcode 1080p plex fine? Thanks!
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