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  1. I rebooted the VM and now the drives are in the correct order - very strange. I would have thought Virtualization would hide physical hardware device IDs, etc.
  2. Hi all, I'm running Hyper-V and using pass through disks. How does Synology determine the drive order and which bays the drives should be assigned to? With an ASMedia card, the drives seem to be assigned to the right order. With a Marvell card, the orders are switched. In Hyper-V I have the same SCSI IDs and Passthrough Disk Order assigned ... so what else could cause the drive order to switch? Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to enable Jumbo Frames with Hyper-V + Xpenology? I don't see the option in the Network Interface section. I did notice that upon first boot it did mention something being 100mbits only, but I think this maybe a "fake" message because my transfer rates are >30MB/s.
  4. An 8GB drive should do it. Great thanks, I noticed it only uses 6.4GB Secondly, how do I make the "rmmod=ata_piix" mod to the .config file? I'm using XPEnoboot ... when I edit the .ISO file in WinImage it gives me a "The Image is Full" error. Thanks.
  5. How large should I configure the initial hard drive for installation to be? is 10GB enough, or is more recommended? Thanks.