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  1. Hi! I wish to update my plex server on an old verrsion of dsm : the 4.3 dsm. Is there a risk of updating plex server on an old dsm? Any help would be greatly appreciated! PS : sorry if bad english, it is not my first language
  2. Hey! I want to upgrade my plex server on my old xpenology server running dsm 4.3 just fine. I just want to know if there is a risk of updating the plex server on an old version of xpenology? (upgrading the dsm is not an option for me for now). I don't find any reason for this to fail (plex does not use specific functions of xpenology I am knowledgeable about but... you know!) Someone may confirm this is a low-risk operation?
  3. Bonjour! Je souhaiterais mettre à jour le serveur plex sur une ancienne version de dsm, la 4.3. Je n'ai malheureusement pas le temps d'updater mon syno, et je dispose de données en trop grand nombre pour prendre le risque d'updater le dsm car je ne peux les sauvegarder. Vous confirmez qu'il n'y aucun risque à updater le plex server sur un ancien dsm?
  4. Hey, thank you for your help! The amount of data is too large, to do this, I would have to buy 4 other HDD to make the migration (8 gigs). This is why I would like to take those HDD from the N54L and put them directly on the synology... I cannot afford (and do not have the use of) 4 more HDDs.
  5. Come on, nobody has tried the migration from xpeno to synology? I think it should work without problems, since the operating system is on a usb key, but I have some doubts since a part of the os may be dispatched on the HDDs. That would be cool to help me
  6. Hi! I have been using xpenology ( DSM4.1, dont remember the method) on my N54L for a couple of Years but now it disappeared from my network and cannot figure why... I was thinking about switching to a DS415 (I have 4 HDDs in raid) but dont want to loose data of course (This is quite huge, about 8gigs). Can I take those 4 HDD and put them in the syno whithout problem? If no, what Can I do to This migration? Thanks for any help