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  1. Newbie Alert! OK, so I have a brand new N54L and two 4TB WD Red NAS drives on way. Looking over posts did not see this query answered. I want to start my NAS build with 5.1-5022. site tutorial says to download 5.1-5022 DSM main boot IMG file and then later upgrade to 5022.3. All clear so far. 1/. I note it says DSM file based on Synology XSDS3615xs - a 12 bay Synology model rather than a Synology 4 bay model - is this correct - shouldn't they match bay numbers? 2/. It also states to 'match' DSM file with Synology assistant file but version linked to on NL site is 5.0-4448 - is this still OK to use? When I go to Synology site direct the version of Synology Assistant listed for XSDS3615xs is 5.2-5005. Which should I use? TIA Stillw