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  1. I failed to create backup task via Hyper backup, it show that "The operation failed. Please log in to DSM again and retry." I restarted NAS and uninstall the Hyper backup and reinstall back but not working.
  2. I have upgrade from DSM 6.1 to DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4, unfortunately I feel that some of the setting are not compatible with current update. And I tired to reinstall the DSM. I select "REINSTALL" option in bootup but i couldn't search anything NAS on find.synology.com. Also I did to create another USB drive to replace the current USB it didn't work as well. Now how can I do a fresh install/reinstall the DSM?
  3. Why my NAS stop entering Hibernation? I did follow the official support centre guide to fix but doesn't help. How to make my NAS enter Hibernation after 1 hour?
  4. I just bought a HP NC360T network card and installed into N54L also disable to onboard NIC. I installed the latest DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 6 with Jun loader 1.03b seem it successful upgrade, but I relies that during the login seem very unresponsive and in the DSM main menu it just left few application only. Not only that, the control panel aren't able to open and it keep buffing.
  5. I'm using a USB hdd to do hyper backup, while my USB hdd are plugged it won't able to boot into OS until I unplug the USB drive.
  6. I need to move my NAS location to a place without any LAN port so I'm planning to use TP-Link PCI-E Wifi card Archer T9E. May I know this wifi card compatible with my N54L/XPEnology? Other than that, is there any good solution?
  7. My N54L are not able to boot up if there is external hdd are plugged. Why?
  8. How to install XPEnology on USB thumbdrive as main?
  9. May I know where can I get the tutorial installed XPEnology on USB?
  10. How is the RAID performance? Some people said not really good on RAID and better do a backup every month.
  11. I'm new to XPEnology. I'm planning use my N54L for NAS, may I know which method you prefer to install on USB or VM ESXI?
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