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  1. Hi, I have a question. Do I need to flash my n54l network card with synology MAC, or it is enough if it's only in xpenoboot config file?
  2. Thanks for reply. I think that I'll stick with my N54L. BIOS issue is only on scheduled power-on (OFF is OK), so I think that I'll stick with power on using LAN on dd-wrt enabled router
  3. Hi, I have a question about this annoying issue. Does it still exists on DSM 5.2 or it's only something "reserved" for 5.0? I have n54l and everything works great on 5.0 (except Scheduled power-on). If 5.2 still has this drawback I dunno if it's even worth it to upgrade. By the way - there is one workaround. Plan shutdowns using Advanced Power Management plugin, and then install DD-WRT on the router and set a cronjob(s) which will turn on the server using WOL on selected time There is even a possibility (was not trying yet) to invoke the server when someone is trying to access it (but it's not ideal, because You still need to wait 1-2 min for the server to poweron, so firstly You'll get info that it's not available)
  4. Hello, Thanks to this forum and this thread I managed to make my n54l full working DSM 5.0 machine I have one question - does someone know is it possible to tweak fan speeds? I've checked "Quiet" mode in Power settings but it's still little noisy when it doesn't have to be. In idle - I have ~28*C on my drives so it's cool and fan RMP can be lowered as much as possible. I prefere to edit some magic config via SSH than physically replace fan (because of 4pin HP PWM connector which isn't standard one). But if there is no other way than hardwar then I assume that I'll have to play a little.