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    Anyone succeed to install on QNAP TS451 VM (Intel x64)

    Very good news! One question... Did you tried that conversion command also in the stable version of virtual station? Regards
  2. nickiman

    Anyone succeed to install on QNAP TS451 VM (Intel x64)

    Hi Airtrek I´m an owner of a TS-453Pro and, like you, I was trying to install XPEnology as a virtual machine under Virtualization Station because I really miss the packages and OS of Synology running in my old DS212+... so, I´ve tried to install it (with no success) using the next parameters: Create VM -> New customized VM Virtual Machine settings Here I´ve played with the several options: Network: Realtek Video: Cirrus logic I can see the image loading in the VM as you can see in the image below But as I said without no success... the only thing that I can see is this message: But after waiting some minutes... if I run the Synology Assistant I can´t t find any server. So this is the most far that I reach with my knowledge... I´ll try to import a VM generated with VirtualBox to see what happens... In the meanwhile if someone of the team members with more knowledge than me can give us some clue with this issue will be very very welcome. Keep in touch!
  3. nickiman

    Install XPEnology on QNAP TS-653 Pro

    Hi all, Did you get run XPEnology in a VM under Virtualiztion Station in QNAP? I´ve reviewed the thread but is no clear for me. I´m own a QNAP TS-453Pro also and I would like to try it. By the way... which image should I choose to install it? Thanks a lot in advance! Regards