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  1. Hello, I just bought a Qnap TS-451 and for the money it felt a bit short, especially for transcoding. Thinking about returning it. I have always wanted to build my own Xpenology rig, but have always had a question about hardware compatibility. I am planning on taking parts from my current rig for this build. Please let me know if Xpenology would work with the following component: Node 304 case Asrock Z87E ITX board (hoping to use the onboard SATA for a raid 5 setup) CPU - open for suggestion. I have a friend that can buy it for me cheap. I am currently running a 4770k. Looking at the following 3 - E3-1275LV3, i7-4790T, and i7-4785T 8gb crucial ballistic 1.35 low profile (I also have some 16gb ecc dimm. Can this be used?) power supply - ? I would use this for the following: Plex server File server/sync Camera recording Learning! When I built my last PC, I was already planing on using most of the parts for future xpenology build. Another concern is the idle power. Any estimate on the draw at the outlet with 4 x 4tb drive? Thanks ahead of time for any advise.