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  1. DSM 4.3-3810 openvpn client version

    sorry, for the delayed response. Thank you, got it.
  2. openvpn connection - DSM 4.3

    I don't have a lot to sync between servers at this stage fortunately so maybe a move up to DSM v5 is the way to go. I have a spare i5 desktop that I can utilise, faster, better, stronger and all that.
  3. openvpn connection - DSM 4.3

    Further along.. I turned up the client log verbosity and I can now see these lines as the last four entries: Thu Dec 11 14:54:07 2014 us=69126 UDPv4 WRITE [14] to x.x.x.x:1194: P_CONTROL_HARD_RESET_CLIENT_V2 kid=0 [ ] pid=0 DATA len=0 The Server logs show no sign of contact.
  4. openvpn connection - DSM 4.3

    x.x.x.x:1194 is the IP address of the external vpn server. By "white" do you mean white-listed?
  5. openvpn connection - DSM 4.3

    When attempting to connect to an openvpn server the client log shows the process stopping here: Wed Dec 10 14:05:53 2014 UDPv4 link remote: x.x.x.x:1194 The required ports and firewall settings are in place. Thanks in advance.
  6. DSM 4.3-3810 openvpn client version

    How would I go about determining the version number of the openvpn client for DSM 4.3-3810? I am attempting to connect to OPENVPN server and have just read: OpenVPN Access Server is not compatible with any version below the 2.1 OpenVPN Community/Linux client thanks in advance.