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  1. Thanks everyone who helped me realize my mistake. I put the SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap in the correct place. I still get 2 dummy blank ports in the first 2 slots, but better than 12 of them lol. So there is no way to get rid of those dummy other than using i440fx instead of q35? Is there a performance hit using i440fx? I know I have to set my HBA card to not use pcie when using i440fx. I just have no idea what difference it makes.
  2. Now that I understand the sataport map and diskidxmap, I will give TRCP another shot.
  3. Here is my config. Anything look incorrect?
  4. Same result... Here is the output again with the VM using Virtio
  5. Think it was from when I was troubleshooting a few weeks ago. I will change it back to Virtio and see if that changes anything.
  6. Post a screenshot of your VM hardware settings
  7. Thank you for the explanation - I did look through many posts and never got as easy of an explanation like you provided. However, when I set the SataPortMap to 11H and DiskIdxMap to 181900, my disk shelf is still showing the first drives starting at 13... Being there are 6 ports on my motherboard and 6 dummy ports, I thought maybe changing the SataPortMap to 66H and DiskIdxMap to 181E00 would work, but same outcome. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? I am using the DS3622xs build 42661.
  8. I realized, I just didn't understand why you chose the values you did for DiskIdxMap. Should I be setting mine to 060600 - skip the first 6 disks for the first two controllers and starts at 0 for my disk shelf?
  9. I also tried messing with sata_remap, but that didnt work either. Not sure if that is even supported here or I just did it incorrectly.
  10. I tried SataPortMap as 00H and 11H without specifying the DiskIdxMap... Both ways gave the same result.
  11. @pocopico Awesome, I used the SataPortMap as 11H and it seems to find all my disks. As @Orphée mentioned though, it see the dummy 6 port controller and my onboard 6 port controller, then the 24 disks from the disk shelf - this makes DSM start at disk 13 (since the first 12 are detected but not being used). If there any way to have DSM just skip over those first 2 controllers entirely as I will not be using them at all? Ideally would want the first disk in my disk shelf to be registered as Disk 1 in DSM.
  12. Can you explain this more? So in my case, I have the dummy 6 port controller, then the 6 port controller with the sata0 img disk, then my 24 disk HBA card... What would my SatPortMap and DiskIdxMap be for this situation?
  13. Awesome info! Ill be moving off the usb to a virtual disk then. I had to passthrough the HBA card bc proxmox has a limit of 6 passed through sata drives for a vm.
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