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  1. Very good True (I went to such sites, and I also saw Netherlands) How can we compare this IPv6 address: 2a01:cb1c:8072:fc00:d5:b227:724d:61a9 with an IPv4 adress like: ? Thank you very for the help you have already provided me with...
  2. When I go to, yes I enter this in my PC brower When I go to , I also do this from my browser PC, but I don't know if the displayed address (2a01:cb1c:8072:fc00:d5:b227:724d:61a9) is my real IP or not, because it looks like an IPv6 address ! I also believe that you are right (it seems to work), but I must be sure: is there a way to know the IP address that the NAS shows when it is downloading ?? at least if I could know the Country of the IP address, then I could be sure that it goes through the VPN, because the NordVPN
  3. No: persons are succesfully using a VPN with Download Station, so it is possible @ billat29: Yes it looks OK, here are the values I have: Panel->General->Default Gateway: (VPN) It looks also OK, here are the values I get, Control Panel->Network->Netwok Interface: VPN-NordVPN connected, Connection time: .... IP adress: Gateway: Now back to Download Station, I use a the following permanent download link to know the IP address exposed by the NAS: T
  4. I used the latest version of Download Station (3.8.16-3566) under DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2. My problem is that Download Station (DS) does not use my VPN, and consequently presents my real IP address on the Internet. The VPN is NordVPN and I have created the VPN profile by using the ".ovpn" file import method. When I select the VPN profile and click on "Connect", there is no problem and the connexion is established. I have checked the dialog box "use the default gateway on distant network" and I have disable IPv6. But back to DS, the IP address shown in