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  1. Thank for your reply! It explains very well why things are not working. I will try to run your script as root (If I can find the correct password). I see that Let's Encrypt issues are on the fix list for Version: 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 (number 10 under Fixed Issues - I hope this will fix the issue). https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DSM?model=DS3615xs#6_2 We will have to wait and see if someone in this community can get this update successfully installed and working.
  2. Thank you! I tried to run your script. It ran fine except the cat command which failed with "Permission denied", even with sudo. Not sure how to run the for loop. Can it be copy and pasted (right click) into ssh (I'm using Putty on Windows)? My goal is the get the community packages working/available (http://packages.synocommunity.com/) in Package Center. My SABnzbd is also failing with "Server news.usenetserver.com uses an untrusted certificate [Certificate not valid. This is most probably a server issue.]" It would be great if someone could post
  3. Thank you for your instructions. But how do I install or renew Let's Encrypt certificates? I can import certificate files from Let's Encrypt, but how do I generate/get/find the correct private key?