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  1. Thank you for your reply. Honestly I do not have the time to check compatibilities or build up systems by choosing each component. Could you maybe just tell me if the Dell Poweredge T320 is suitable? if not, which preconfigured server is suitable for these task? Thank you in advance
  2. Hello dear forum, i am not an expert in NAS equipment and i am therefore looking for your advice. Here are my requirements for the XPEnology NAS Server: - store large amount of files / back-up photos - stream movies to mobile devices, even 4k - record camera footage from the house I was looking into the Dell Poweredge T320 as it has the hot swap drives and is already a server. As I am lacking the know-how I am looking to this forum to guide me in a good setup for my requirements. The Dell Poweredge T320 can be obtained at around 350€ for the HW wo the drive