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  1. I have a N54L with a 2TB WD Red NAS installed. I have installed dsm 5.0-4493 installed and working well. I have enabled write cache in the N54L BIOS. I am trying to enable it on the HDD inside DSM but it doesnt seem to save it for some reason. The checkbox goes back to unchecked state once I change tabs. Has anyone faced this issue?
  2. I am a newbie here. I just bought a N54L and have installed esxi on a USB key which is plugged in the internal USB port always. I then installed xpenology DSM 5.0-4493. Currently I have 1x2TB WD Red NAS hdd installed. I created a SHR volume and was trying to copy a 900mb video file from a windows 7 machine. The transfer rate starts at 100mbps but suddenly the CPU I/O wait reaches 100% (see attachment pls) and the transfer freezes until the wait comes down Can somebody please help what could be causing this issue?