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  1. I was able to recover my setup without installing DSM. I made a copy of the DSM VM before the changed. I just restored it with the backup. Read anther thread, it seems there's a limit of 26 drives. That being said, it will have issues if you have more than 26 drives:
  2. OS: ESXi 6.7 update 3 Machine: Lenovo TS140 DSM Bootloader: jun's 1.04b DSM Ver: 6.2.3-25426 update 3 for DS918+ My DSM has 5 internal hard drive on SATA controller passthrough from esxi host, also has 7 USB portable hard drives passthrough from esxi host. Before making the change, the settings are as below and worked pretty good: 1. grub.cfg: DiskIdxMap=1800 (18 in hex equals 24 in decimal, this is to hide the VM disk in DSM) SataPortMap=66 (as per my knowledge, first 6 tells DSM there're 6 disks on SATA 1; 2nd 6 tells DSM there're 6 disks on SATA 2. In my