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  1. Comment faire un reset sur un XPEnology?

    Merci deyko, je viens de suivre le tuto que tu m as envoyé avec succés
  2. Comment faire un reset sur un XPEnology?

    Salut a tous, Comment peut on faire un reset sur un XPEnology? L equivalent du bouton a appuyer sur les vrais syno. En gros, refaire une config sans perdre les données, volumes... Merci
  3. Factory reset : How to do it?

    Not sure... As I recall on my former real Syno it used to only reset the "user specs" of the syno - which is not the volumes but only the syno config. As someone tried? If not, how can I do that?
  4. Factory reset : How to do it?

    Hello, I have an issue with my DSM. Since the update 5 (coming from update3) I get an error "DSM cannot start up normally because it ran into a problem" I dont know how to solve that (and I did some research), so i was thinking of doing a reset. The official synology guides are useless because they mention to press a button on the back of the box. We dont have that I found this : But as you see, it seems that it also deletes the volumes? Is that correct? Or it only deletes the config file of the DSM? I dont want to lose my volume and data... only I want to reset the config of the box. How do i do that? Please help Thanks
  5. XPEnoBoot v 5.2-5644.4 et DSM update 5 : Erreur serveur

    Voici la solution Ca n etait pas un vrai probleme : L adresse de DSM a changé. Avant je me connecté a : et maintenant c est : Syno Assistant n y arrivait pas non plus car il pointait vers En gros, la MAJ a touché au parametrage URL, c est bon a savoir Thanks
  6. DSM booting but services not starting.

    Here is the solution : It was not a real issue. I thought it was... I used to have a shortcut to access my syno interface at : But the latest updated mooved it to: I was using a "not up to date" version of Syno Asssistant and the connection was not working : the path was : Problem solved. Thanks
  7. can someone give me the default path for DMS?

    after lucky reasearch i have this working : WTF, DSM changed my path.
  8. Hello, Please can someone give me the default path for DSM? Mine was but it seems not to work anymore since the update to 2.2-5644 update 5. Thanks
  9. DSM booting but services not starting.

    Hi sbv300, First, thanks for your reply I do not recall when it happened, so i dont remember if it is just after the reboot, sorry... The unit is seems by the SynoAssistant and its status is ready When i try to connect to it, i get an empty page "This site can’t be reached" I can ssh to the box, but from there i do not know what to do. Please advise Thanks
  10. Salut a tous, J ai recement mis a jour mon DSM_5.2-5644 Update-3 vers Update 5. Hier j ai rebooté le server et j ai une erreur. J ai fait la mise a jour en utilisant le fichier PAT et la mise a jour manuel sur l interface du synology. Ca a semblé fonctionné... Je n ai pas mis a jour le XPEnoBoot ni le menu update du XPEnoBoot. Mon XPEnoBoot est en version 5.2-5644.4. Voici l erreur sur l ecran du syno : Comment resoudre cela? Faire une mise a jour du XPEnoBoot? Comment faire la mise a jour du XPEnoBoot sans perdre de données (dois je sauvegarder certains fichiers type adresse MAC???) Merci de votre aide
  11. Hello there, I recently updated my DSM from DSM_5.2-5644 Update-3 to Update 5. Yesterday I rebooted and I had an error. The way I did the update was using the PAT file from the synology manual update. It seemed to work. (I did not use the XPEnoBoot update boot menu) My XPEnoBoot is 5.2-5644.4. Here is the error on the screen : How can I solve this without lossing anything? If i update the XPEnoBoot, what files should I migrate for me not to loose anything. (I am thinking of MAC adresse and all that...) Please could you advise Thanks
  12. How to update to 5644-update3

    Thanks Fred. It is done...
  13. How to update to 5644-update3

    and before doing this, do i need to install update 1 or update 2?
  14. Salut a tous, Je suis en version 5644 et j aimerai faire la mise a jour vers la 5644 update2? En gros je ne trouve pas de doc sur le site ici. J ai telechargé DSM_5.2-5644 Update-2 et je vais sur l interface web et l "update & restore", Je selectionne "Manual update" et j y pose mon fichier PAT que j ai telechargé... J attends, mais après 5min il me met que le fichier est corrompu... Vous faites comment vous? Ca marche?