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  1. Hello there, I have difficulties with setting up the wireless access point. I see the wifi and I can connect to it but there is no internet. My DS i using a Bonded network card with an IP of ( and is cable connected to a router @ Can any of you please send me the settings I have to use? Thanks
  2. Can you try installing and do few tests using a software "LAN Speed Test" : https://totusoft.com/lanspeed Did you do a fresh install? Can you do a fresh install and try?
  3. Hi bel, I had the same problem last week. (and wrote a post about that). I did a reset of my network settings only because i did not want to reset my all config. My LAN was super slow (especially the reading, not the writing, which is a paradox). I bought a dual LAN Intel Pro and installed it on my NAS. The problem seemed solved I binded (link aggregation) the 2 LANs of my card to have great speed over my LAN. This morning (and yesterday) I realised that instead of reading/writing at 700M I was around 350M. To be sure, i restarted my computer and redid the test : Same result. Then i restarted my NAS and ... booom... back to 700M. I think, but I have no proof, that JunLoader and DSM6 have a network issue. Thanks
  4. OK guys, I did a network reset using : sudo /usr/syno/sbin/synodsdefault --reset-config However, it did not change a thing. Then I decided to buy a new dual network card "IBM Intel PRO/1000 PT" and tested with it. It is working greatly. I binded the 2 ports of this card and I reach 680Mbp reading and 750 Reading. Great. My conclusion is that JunLoader has a problem with Realtek 8111C, PCIe Gb LAN controller on the Asus P5A SE2. Cheers
  5. Flyride, perfect answer, you're the winner
  6. Hello, I would like to reset the server without loosing the data. Everywhere it is written to use a paper clip on the back of the server, but as I have an Xpenology, how would I do that? In the control panel, there is a factory reset button : "Erase All Data"... but it worries me to do that as it is "All data", so i presume all my settings. Thanks for your help
  7. Hello, I am using the latest DSM v6.1.6-15266 with Jun Loader latest. I recently did an upgrade from DSM5 with XpenologyBoot. Things were fine before... I did a read/write test on LAN and noticed that my Writing to the server was 420 Mbps and the Reading was 18Mbps!!! I do not know how to find the problem. Is it the loader? Is it a driver? Is it a DSM config? Thanks for helping me.
  8. Hello, Did any of you have done an update from 6.1.4 to 6.1.6 using the latest JunLoader 1.02b Did it worked ok? Is it as straighforward as the other updates? Do you simply install it inside the GUI of the Synology software? Thanks
  9. Hi Flyride and thanks for your reply. It is not the reply I was expecting as I was looking for a package to install to run a benchmark test. I totally understand your answer, but I suspect my hardware settings is not running my CPU the way it should, that's why I wanted to run my own test. You know you can slowdown (or overclock) a CPU and that is another reason why I wanted to do a benchmark.
  10. Hi there, I have a 2 synology boxes and 1 xpenology. I am wondering if any of you has a package or knows a package to benchmark CPU. The closes thing I have from that is in this post : https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=93106 But it is not really a benchmark tool as it only test on one core... The goal (especially for xpenology) would be to know which box is the best in transcoding videos. Please do not tell me to go to cpubenchmark website as all soft we are using on xpenology are hacks, I would prefer directly testing the hacks. (example: I am using a xeon processor s771 into a mobo s775 with a hardware hack) Cheers
  11. Merci deyko, je viens de suivre le tuto que tu m as envoyé avec succés
  12. Salut a tous, Comment peut on faire un reset sur un XPEnology? L equivalent du bouton a appuyer sur les vrais syno. En gros, refaire une config sans perdre les données, volumes... Merci
  13. Not sure... As I recall on my former real Syno it used to only reset the "user specs" of the syno - which is not the volumes but only the syno config. As someone tried? If not, how can I do that?
  14. Hello, I have an issue with my DSM. Since the update 5 (coming from update3) I get an error "DSM cannot start up normally because it ran into a problem" I dont know how to solve that (and I did some research), so i was thinking of doing a reset. The official synology guides are useless because they mention to press a button on the back of the box. We dont have that I found this : But as you see, it seems that it also deletes the volumes? Is that correct? Or it only deletes the config file of the DSM? I dont want to lose my volume and data... only I want to reset the config of the box. How do i do that? Please help Thanks