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  1. Thank you Guru Master, sorted now!! This is for the benefit of those who might hit this article at a later time. As pointed out above by Guru Master, the issue turned out to be the 4 drives was not visible due not being in the first 12 drives assigned. As soon as I extended the 12 drive limit to 20 the rest of the drives was visible and usable. @ Xpenology team - you done a excellent job!! Thank you. Please keep up the good work. I am so happy with what I ended up with
  2. Hi Guru Master, thank you again for the prompt reply. What is RDM please? This is still not in production yet, so i can re-do it if needs be. I will try to enable the 20 drives. I watched a YouTube video which shows how to expand to 45 drives and tried that but on reboot the config was lost, now will try it again with 20 drives and see if that helps. thanks again.
  3. Hi Guru Master, thank you for the reply. Please find the logs you requested attached above. Point 1 in your answer seems a good candidate about why this happening.
  4. Hi, I am new so bear with me please. I have a Dell R720XD E5-2697 V2 with 12 3x 3.5 HDDs. Running ESXi Version 7.02 The ESXi is running through a separate Raid Card on one of the PCIe slots. This leaves the H310 mini in IT mode to be passed through and used with Xpenology in full. I installed Jun loader (for DS3617xs) - v1.03b and managed to get the Xpenology as a VM up and running. However the problem is Xpenology only sees 8 of the 12 drives connected to the H310 Mini. If I passthrough the same card (H310 Mini) to a Windows VM, it sees all 12 drives