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  1. Hello, I want to build a basic Backup Xpenologhy server for my main one just incase fails on me for some odd reason. I was wondering what is the basic minimum hardware requirement for me to do a backup xpenology? I'm not using it as the main xpenology but as a bakup only. I have been seeing different specifications but I'm unsure. Joseph
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    Thank you very much. I will give them a Try. Joseph
  3. josephc


    Hello is there a backup that works in xpenology over the network to another nas? I'm looking to backup my xpenology offen. Joseph
  4. Hello yes i know vpn would be better. But i need this as a option. Joseph
  5. Hello is there or are there any ports i need to forward to Let my brother on a shared folder from my house to his? I'm new to Xpenology and first time on this forum. Joseph
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