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  1. Thanks for reply. I tried to undervolt my cpu from the MB uefi, only ending up in black screen and compulsory BIOS recovery. I'll work on it to see if this issue has something to do with an es cpu.
  2. Actually the cpu is of 35w tdp, but it shouldn't have contributed to the exceptionally high power consumption. Maybe reducing ram is worth a try. Thanks for suggesting.
  3. I have some spared hardware and I built them into a virtualized xpenology NAS over QEMU with onboard SATA controller passed through, being out of worries about incompatibility because I'm a noob. Now my build is running with an i7-8700t ES cpu, 32g ddr3-1866 ram, z170-mod MB, a WD SN750 SSD for the host (with two lvs used as simulated RAID1 ssd cahe for DSM), and four ST8000DM004 8TB 5.4krpm hard drives. On average my system consumes 70~90W power. I wonder if I turn this machine into a physical host based on DSM, is there gonna be a cut in the power consumption on accou