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  1. Dear all after hard work and pay for SN and MAC, I success install and active DSM 6.2 in vmware workstation 15. Before migrate all my data in it. I need to consider backup and restore way. I can use Veeam in my host Win7 to backup VMware Workstation VM (DSm6.2), bUT THIS thing have big risk. question1, this way can have change block track? if not, I need to have full backup each time? question and risk 2. if VMDK curropt, I lost everything. May I ask your experience, how you backup it? Thank you. Scott
  2. Hello, 我在VMWARE workstation 15.5启动引导,我在菜单选中VMWARE后启动,但是等了很长时间我一直搜索不到DSM在线。 请问有什么办法吗? 谢谢。