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  1. may i know where could found the most compatible synoboot version?
  2. Yes, it worked with the juniper. I installed DSM "DSM_DS918+_25426.pat" than, shutdown the computer. move it back to home, than plug into my home network. Gateway, DHCP Server: TP-Link AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router. 3 Computers and 3 Smartphones connected with WiFi RJ45 cable connect to the HP ProDesk 600 G1
  3. My Mother board: HP ProDesk 600 G1 Network card: Intel I217LM Gigabit synoboot: v1.04b.for.dms.6.2.1.synoboot-ds918 I have successfully boot into the "happy hacking" screen but cannot found it my network. I checked the network card support list, the I217LM should be on the list. Now I have no idea why it can not be found. one interesting thing, it could be found when it was using the juniper EX2200 to connect the computer.