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    Logitech Media Server WMA playback in DSM 5

    Found the solution after having the same problem with Madsonic. Install Audiostation first. Then in /volume1/@appstore/SqueezeCenter/convert.conf change wma mp3 * * to: wma mp3 * * /usr/syno/bin/ffmpeg -i $FILE$ -ab 160000 -v 0 -vn -f mp3 - You can change the bitrate to suit. The same can be done in Madsonic's transcode settings and then they'll both play sweet as a nut! Hope this helps others.
  2. I've got my system pretty much all setup and working great, apart from one thing. A lot of my music is WMA encoded and I use Logitech Media Server for use with SqueezePlay. On previous OS builds I've used the PlayWMA plugin to control MPlayer to transcode to MP3 for playback. However much I've tried I can't get MPlayer to compile and I can't find an ipkg release for it either. I've also tried using the ffmpeg work around shown here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/WMA Unfortunately all I get is hiss, even though BBC IPlayer listen live works fine, which hints at the wrong version of ffmpeg (currently 2.02 installed via ipkg) Really scratching my head here, anyone manage to compile MPlayer or have a package that I could use?
  3. elvosparsley

    Newbie advice: installing for the first time

    Thanks for that, will get me started on my weekend project!. Shame the SSD can't be used for booting/containing the OS. I did also find, after posting this, the guides on the .nl site very useful. I also read there's a setting for SSD caching, is this worth trying? People have reported that it crashes the system, any thoughts?
  4. Hi, I'm after a quick heads up on the the most pain free way to install this on my current setup. Please be gentle! My current setup is a Shuttle XPC, 4Gb RAM, with 8Gb SSD drive for the OS and 2 separate different size drives for vids, music etc. My current OS is OpenMediaVault, but I'm not happy with the performance of it, so I was looking at switching to this OS as it seems to get thumbs up all round. However I am confused about builds available to use, 4.2, 4.3, 5 etc and considering the recent malware released which affects some versions of 4.3, I'd like to install with a stable build that won't be hit as soon as I fire it up. Also will I have to reformat, as part of the install, the two separate drives so that the OS will see them? I have the data backed up externally so not a problem, but does this mean after the install is finished I'll be able to push the data back to mounted volumes that I used to have e.g. Music, Film, TV etc? And finally(!) will the OS be installed onto the SSD drive and will I still need a USB drive to boot from? Many thanks in advance.