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  1. Oh yeah and even after I click on restore the same message will pop up again.
  2. Ok Nevermind, I can find it now. But now I can't install DSM Properly, It's always asking to restore the settings, because the Drive has been moved to new hardware. Any Ideas what the problem is?
  3. Hello guys, It's my first time trying to install XPenology on ESXi. My Problem is, that I can't find it over the Synology Assistant even it's starts perfectly. I assume, that it doesn't connent to the LAN because in the vSphere Client there isn't any IP shown. I've set the MAC-Adress in the grub.cfg on the Image-File to the same that the VM has. Also I can't see the virtual device on my router. I'm Running ESXi 7 and I followed this tutorial: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13061-tutorial-install-dsm-62-on-esxi-67/ If you need any more information PLEASE feel free to ask