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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've scrapped the flash drive idea as doing anything was painfully slow. I think i've got the same mac mini as you DFDS. I'm in 2 minds as whether to swap out the internal 320gb drive out and replace it with a 1TB hdd or a 200gb SSD I've got in a clasic macbook which i dont really use anymore. not sure i can be bothered to open them up and go through the hassle of rebuilding windows again. I've set up a 64gb vdi for DSM for the time being. only using it for DS at the moment so it works for my needs.
  2. Hi all I've set up 4x 32gb flash drives in raid 0 using 4x 29gb VDI I was wondering if all drives should be in use when reading and writing? it seems that disk 2 is the only disk for the most part that is doing anything and the performance is really bad. I mean i didnt expect it to be fast by any means but its alot slower than i thought it would be. also kicks me out of the DSM page every so often. my reasons for doing this is just for quiet operation. using a mac mini running windows 10 pro with virtualbox. DSM 6.1.7 juns
  3. sorted realised the second comand works in windows. many thanks!
  4. will this work in any distro? i think ive got a version of Kali somewhere. is there a way to do this in windows?
  5. does anyone have this as a iso or vdi file? 1.02a keeps crashing but i only have 1.02b as am img file which wont work with vbox
  6. Hi all so ive succesfully set up dsm6.1.7 on a mac mini running windows 10pro via oracle virtual box using the below tutorial it works great and does what i need it to. my only gripe is that the internal drive in the machine is rather small so i wanted to have the install on an external drive so i can make use of the larger capacity i have there. i've followed the same set up but it wont allow me to have the boot loader on the external drive (it gives an error loading the disk) and also i
  7. Thanks for the reply So the power/sleep option is active. so far 1 out of my 3 external drives will go to sleep. the one with plex media on it does not sleep even though there is nothing being accessed or processed by plex. the third drive has nothing on it and refuses to sleep. the drives that refuse to sleep are seagate drives and the one that does sleep is an iomega drive so do you think it might be the chipset as you suggested? is there anything that can be done about that? not really sure what to do about the kernal t
  8. Happy new year all is there any reason why my external drives are not going to sleep when not in use? dsm 6.1.7
  9. I think you hit the nail on the head. I downloaded an earlier bootloader that supports uefi and DSM6.1 and have got it to work since posting.
  10. Many thanks for the detailed post. with the links provided i have got my man mini 4,2 to boot with the correct bootloader and pat file. not sure if i was meant to partition the disk before making a volume in dsm... i guess ill find out once i restart the disk station thanks again for your help
  11. I can get the bootloader up and running but cant find the server on my network. will this be due to nic driver issues?
  12. Hi all have been running DSM 6.2 in a virtual machine from my main i7 work station but want to move onto a baremetal system and add some decent storage to it as at the moment im sharing usb attached storage which i would otherwise need attached to my rig directly. I've been looking at refurbished machines from auction sites and am not really sure i should be going for. I dont want to spend a great deal but am in no rush to buid this system so i was wondering what i should be going for as a minimum spec and how much more performance i will get with beefier pr
  13. Hi there, i've successfully set the 6.2 system on windows via vmware player trying to set it up via mac osx using virtualbox but with no success. the bootloader works but i cant find the synology via or even see the vm on my netowork using fing. ive tried nat and bridged connections using the mac address listed in the op and random macs with no joy. what am i doing wrong?