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    Expanded Volume - Capacity?

    Thank you very much for the reply much appreciated, so this was a foolish move by myself and due to only having the two disks not much benefit on the storage of my data! Is there a way without starting from scratch I can revert my SHR to a non protected environment within xpenology and use the 8tb as a whole keeping the 3dYs worth of already copied media in tact?
  2. Jamie_b

    Expanded Volume - Capacity?

    Hi all just adopted XPEnology on my microserver g7 started with one 4tb drive in shr then I expanded the volume with another 4tb disk the checking took a while but no errors etc. Now I have my volume showing 2 disks in disk info status normal but the capacity is still the same I'm a bit of a noob, this is my first non out of the box NAS is it usual for the capacity to be the same? Or is this a bug? I can't get into manage the volume due to the option now being greyed out. Any help with this would be sincerely appreciated.