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  1. Very nice idea. But will it work with an IT8613E? And how/where to compile? Regards
  2. Great, will give this a try later and report back. Thx!
  3. Great, I will give it a try then and report back. Regards
  4. That looks really really nice. Any chance to get this re-compiled for the F2-221 (it uses the IT8613E rather than the IT8772E)... Regards
  5. Hi there, just trying to control my fan on the "new" TerraMaster F2-221 (different IO-Chip). Here we use the IT8613E and fancontrol does not work. Looking at the source it seems the sanity check blocking me, but there may be other differences in the memory ranges need to be addressed... Code for the IT87-Kernel-Module is here: Any chance to get this nice app re-compiled for the F2-221 with IT8613E? Regards