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  1. I definitely have been editing the /etc.defaults synoinfo.conf file. What I see happening upon editing that and rebooting is the Juno bootloader screen, I cannot connect to the xpenology. I cannot discover it through the app or, then it reboots and resets itself to a default configdmesg.txt I'm including a copy of the DMESG file. System see's all the drives, just ends up resetting itself after the initial configuration and rebooting. I'll add to this: I edit the synoinf.conf files in both /etc and /etc.defaults, save, reboot. System boots
  2. i've been using Xpenology 3617xs on a Norco 4224 chassis for almost 2 weeks now, learning as I go. Original I did the expand use case editing the max disks, esata, usb and internaldevices with 0 problems. (Edited the synoinfo.conf based on this thread: It's been working as well as I can expect it to the entire time. I powered it off last night for some maintenance and when I powered it on this morning it's not using the settings I had originally set and now it's not keeping the settings I re-enter so it keeps defaulting to 12 total drives usable. I have 24 drives inst
  3. loader v1.03b with 6.2.3 release 25426 the drive was listed under available drives but would not allow me to create a volume with it, reporting that message, however it did let me make it an ssd cache drive. It's an Samsung Evo 840 120gb SSD.
  4. I was planning on installing my xpenology on an older homebrew server I originally built for a windows storage array. Love this site, everything everyone's doing here. Creating my xpenology with a samsung 840evo, I couldn't use it as the installation disk as it was marked as "not tested for compatibility". Today while i'm checking everything I pulled up the SSD cache page and of course it let me add it as a cache drive for the array. I'm kind of confused. I mostly get it, but if I used all SSD's for an array would it give the same compatibility message? Introducing m