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  1. Hi, I have read many of the forum pages and the more I read, the more complicated this appears. I get confused with the vast information and ask for your help as to how to easily install XPEnology on a PC or server. Many of the links I tried to access from this forum are not working. Many different options make it difficult to follow. I am not sure when to use EXSI, VM Ware, SynoBoot, NanoBoot. Also not sure where XPEnology comes into the mix? Can somebody please provide a step by step instruction? e.g. 1. Download all the following files: a. Link 1 b. Link 2. c. Link 3. 2. Install on the USB using . 3. ??????? etc. This information is in bits and pieces all over the forum and will appreciate if somebody can help with a consolidated (no frills) fresh install instruction with all the files in one place. I did read the French document, but this one is also confusing as it does not tie up with other posts on this forum. Thanks Stephen