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  1. All good points. I suppose I need to get some assistance in selecting the hardware and ensuring the driver set is correct. Do you have any information about infiniband driver support in DSM?
  2. flyride, So, I'm ready to build this thing. I have access to TONS of 40Gb Inifiniband and 10Gb network gear now. To further push the issue, I just had a close call with a large volume on my personal workstation and I've been sitting on this idea long enough. So, lets pick the hardware and make a monster. If you want to help out, let me know and I'll start the build thread.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply with your thoughts. Let me also mention that I am very familiar with Synology, it's product line and abilities. My company uses them all the time and may actually become a partner. That being said, I still wouldn't want to spend the amount of money i would have to for even a discounted unit at what Synology offers partners for internal use. (Last time I saw those discounts, they weren't deep enough to make it affordable enough for me at the level of power I want) I also own a DS2415+ and use it daily. On a side
  4. My need is to have a storage target with: Multiple 10Gbe or better interfaces (40Gb, Infiniband, etc.) Have snapshot and replication abilities No "write cliff" (meaning can be written to continuously with no degradation in speed after cache fills) Be VAAI compliant, etc. (to interface with vSphere infrastructure) Easy to set up and manage (WEB GUI, etc.) Redundant power My "would be nice to have" list includes: Dual controllers Automated storage tiering Badass lookin' chassis My minimum expectation on the hardware wo
  5. 1 - No drives at all. 2 - IT mode? I don't know what the acronym means, but I did try RAID0 with just one disk and also JBOD on each disk. Finally, dmesg doesn't show evidence of the card at all.
  6. Okay so I stuck an ADAPTEC 52445 controller in. I was hoping (perhaps needlessly) that it would just "SPRING" to life and show me the 24 drives. NOPE. Now I begin the process of trying other EXTRA.LZMA files and also setting up JBOD vs. 24 separate RAID0 sets. I'll keep my eye on my email for notifications in case anyone has an idea on what gets me to the finish line quickest.
  7. I have a rather massive NAS here that uses a 24 port ARECA 12xx series controller. I cannot get any ARECA Driver to load without causing a Kernel Panic. I would like to know who (if anyone) has any experience making this work on bare metal?
  8. You know that's an interesting idea. Especially considering i cant use the console anyway. I may also pass through the 10Gbit NICS - hmmmmm
  9. Xpenology hates my gear ===================================================== GNU GRUB version 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.14 +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |*DS3617xs 6.2 Baremetal with Jun's Mod v1.03b | | DS3617xs 6.2 Baremetal with Jun's Mod v1.03b Reinstall | | DS3617xs 6.2 VMWare/ESXI with Jun's Mod v1.03b | | | |
  10. For the record, I have the ability to allow you access to the console, virtual media and the whole platform remotely. IF you're up for it at some point. I also could be talked into putting a $ bounty on this.
  11. I have a number of ARECA drivers for various *IX variants. including sources. I'll try to attach. FreeNAS unRAID
  12. PANIC... Phoenix TrustedCore(tm) Server Copyright 1985-2007 Phoenix Technologies Ltd. All Rights Reserved ASUS DSBF-D Server/Workstation BIOS Revision 1003.002 CPU = 2 Processors Detected, Cores per Processor = 4 CPU1 : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5335 @ 2.00GHz CPU Speed = 2.00 GHz CPU2 : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5335 @ 2.00GHz CPU Speed = 2.00 GHz Press DEL for BIOS Setup Press F12 for LAN Boot Press F8 for Boot Menu 32768 MB System RAM Passed 8192 KB L2 Cache USB 2.0: SanDisk Cruzer Glide