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    XPEnology + Flexraid possible?

    Thanks for your advice Still doing research, hope can figure out a method before I got the N54L from courier
  2. xylitolx

    XPEnology + Flexraid possible?

    Thank you for your reply. I just want to combine the merit of 1) flexraid/unraid i) reduce chance of total data loss; ii) multiple parity (flexraid); ii) incremental volume increase; iv) add drive of any form, especially want to add drives via eSATA with HD rack later; 2) XPEnology (I love XPEnology but see many cases of total loss during SHR rebuild and don't want spend the same volume size on offline backup) i) excellent mobile device apps ii) easy management Any ways can archive the above? if flexraid not feasible then unraid + ESXi + XPEnology also won't work? If ESXi won't do, can Win 8 + Hyper-V + flexraid form a pool and pass to XPEnology do?
  3. xylitolx

    XPEnology + Flexraid possible?

    Hello I’m new to NAS and ESXi. I have the following ideas and preferences but don’t know whether it is feasible or not. Please kindly let me know any alternatives or suggestion. I want to buy a HP ProLiant G7 N54L MicroServer Server to run ESXi + XPEnology + windows (7/8/WHS). However, I don’t want to use SHR as raid. I would rather like to use flexraid running in Windows to provide parity for below benefits: 1) In case number of damage drives > parity, the loss only limited to the damaged drives. 2) add drives through USB as pooling in flexraid but not XPEnology My query is that this idea feasible? Whether the pooling created by flexraid could be passed to XPEnology? If it possible to add more drives to flexraid later to increase the volume and reflected in XPEnology?