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  1. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    yes, pre-allocated. Lazy zeroed and eager zeroed makes no difference. DISK Group / Volume keep crashing
  2. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    Yes, tried both lazy zeroed and eager zeroed, same result
  3. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    Yes, physical disks are fine. XPenology use vmdk files as HDD.
  4. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    Disk group / volume just crashed...
  5. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    thanks for the info. Fingers crossed After installing the open vm tools (open-vm-tools_bromolow-5.1_9.10.0-2476743-1.spk), the disk group /volume crash seems to dissappear. I am doing copy from Filestation, copying files to shared folder under Windows and unzipping files to shared folders, and no errors so far.
  6. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    By looking at the dmseg, I saw a lot of dm-1: WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing.
  7. storm99

    DISK Group / Volume keep crashing

    Hi, I have the following config: HP Microserver Gen8 16GB Ecc Ram HP P410 with battery and 512MB BBWC 4x WD 6TB RED Created a Raid-5 group within the HP P410, installed ESXi 6.0u1 (downloaded from HP), created a 16TB datastore using vSphere client 6. Tried fresh install of DSM 5.2 5592 with XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2, DSM 5.2 5644 with XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5644.4 In both case, I created 4x2TB in the VM. DSM installed fine, did the upgrade, then create a Raid0/JBOD Disk Group / Volume without problem. Mounted share folders under windows and copied all my backups to those folders. But after using a day or two, the disk group /volume will crash - sometimes when copying files, sometime when unzipping files. Tried recreating the VM all over from scratch, and the crashing continues. Any idea? Thanks in advance!!!
  8. storm99

    xenserver can't connect to iscsi lun

    Which version of DSM and gnoboot/nanoboot are you using? Isn't the Block Level iSCSI broken is DSM? Tried this with gnoboot/nanoboot on all version of DSM 5 available but no success (under ESXi 5.5) . I can only get the File Level iSCSI working so far.
  9. I am using the HP Gen8 microserver. Interested to know how to get the USB 3.0 ports working. Currently, I am running HP customised ESXi 5.5 and DSM 5.0.4458 with genoboot 10.5 alpha. I can only get the USB 2.0 ports working under DSM. Tried adding xHCI USB driver under ESXi but not working. Do I need to "load" specific driver? If so, how to do that? Many thanks!!!