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  1. So I opted to update Docker via package center and now it seems to be permanently stuck on "updating". While the docker app opens, none of the existing containers are loaded and there is no way I can stop the package from updating (even after a restart and shutdown). Anyone have any tips on how I can resolve this issue and get docker working correctly again?
  2. phool

    Recovering SHR volumes

    I didn't create any new SHR volumes, however the drives were initialised in DMS after the re-install. I did take the drives out and put them into another machine with Ubuntu installed on a separate drive. Being a complete noob with linux in general, I followed whatever guides I could find in attempt to restore the volumes. So I do expect I installed lvm2 on the ubuntu machine while the synology drives were connected. Most of the data was non-critical but there is some stuff I would like to recover if at all possible. At this point I just need to figure out whether it's worth any more of my time trying to recover the stuff or if I should cut my losses and start fresh and learn my lesson
  3. phool

    Recovering SHR volumes

    Still not having luck with this. By the looks of things the drives must have been formatted when DSM was re-installed (I think this is default DSM behaviour?) so the backup config files of the array is lost and I can restore the array as the above tutorials propose. As an alternative, does anyone have some tips to recover the data? I assume that when DSM is re-installed it's on a separate partition so it is unlikely that my data has been overwritten. Is my understanding correct?
  4. phool

    Recovering SHR volumes

    Hopefully someone here may be able to help me. I recently got a new router from my ISP and while DSM worked fine over the local network, it couldn't connect to the internet. I read on the synology forums that I needed to reset DSM to the default configuration to be able to update with the new IP gateway to reinstate internet access. I followed the process and reinstalled DSM from a .pat file and ended up wiping all my volumes. My setup comprised of 2X3TB drives as a single volume using SHR and a 2TB and 2x320GB drives as another SHR volume. Does anyone know whether it is possible to recover my old synology volumes, or at least the data within the volumes? I've tried following this synology tutorial: But the 'mdadm –Asf && vgchange -ay' command returns 'directory -Asf could not be found'. I also tried following this: ... skstation/ But the /etc/space directory does not appear to be present on the volume.