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  1. Hi thanks for this. I have now got a dedicated HBA Card. the drives are connected up to it but the page still says it cant find any disks? It is a HP Smart Array H420 in HBA Mode. is there a reason thinks there are still no drives? Kind Regards, Charlie.
  2. Thank you this did work using the older version. thanks for your help. I have now come into another issue however, it is saying there are no drives connected to the system, this is wrong i have in fact 6x 900GB sas drives? they are however going through a raid card but are each there own volume, this worked in freenas which uses ZFS. Do i need a HBA card in order to get the software to see the drives? Kind Regards, Charlie.
  3. Hello, i am unable to find the nas on the tool (i have also tried the desktop one). Do i need Intel nics for it to work? i have a 4 nic HP card. I believe this to be the card i have. HPE NC365T 4-port Ethernet Kind Regards, Charlie.