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  1. Hi all, and sorry, if this is not quite the right forum for the following - I just do not understand the forum categories no more... So, moderator(s), just feel free and move this at the right place. Ok, what I want to do is what I wrote in the title, but even after I copied IG-88's latest extras and the rd.gz and zimage from DSM .pat to my USB boot stick, I still have >2 minutes start of DSM, changing from one (re)boot to the next by 20 to nearly 200 seconds after "upgrade" (from serial output) - and always ending with the message "tn40xx: Tehuti Network Driver..." although the G
  2. Nice tool. Think I'll use it some more in future... For the folks listening: Don't know why, but after I tested thru all extras on a SSD (for speed) again, and amazingly most worked, my original 3-HDD-RAID5-setup runs even with syno and recovery extras form IG-88 now, which failed on my trials before.
  3. Sorry, but my Win 8.1 does not get usb stick as a drive, and so WinDiskImager cannot read from it. Which other tool should I use, so that you can read the image?
  4. Well, DS is busy at the moment, but I'll do new test with recovery type drivers for you. Btw the Braswell N3160 (mobile version of J3160) on my board and the Apollo Lake J3455 on real3x's board are later than kaby lake.
  5. Got the board running DSM 6.2.2 now. With zImage and rd.gz from original DSM_DS918+_24922.pat and extra.lzma from here: Thank you, real3x @IG-88: Still interested in usb image? I also can give you report of hwinfo (after booting HBCD PE). Best regards
  6. Hi again, same as last time: DSM 6.2.2_24922 for DS-918+ just will not work with my board. Regardless of the extra/extra2 type. As soon as I copy the original zImage and rd.gz files to the boot stick, the NICs are gone and DS does not appear on network no more. Btw: NICs are RTL8168 and not 8111 as I wrote first. Regards
  7. @vanst: There are two ethernet ports, with two stickers on them telling the MAC addresses, which I added to grub.cfg as mac1 and mac2. When I run a live system, the DHCP isues an IP upon the MAC address given by the sticker of the port, where the cable is plugged in. With xpenology, the DHCP gets requested with the MAC address of the other (unplugged) port and so issues another IP, of course. This is nothing, I'm really worried about, just kind of funny. @IG-88: No, I did not yet, and will not do before the 14th april. Happy easter in advance
  8. Well, I probably tried to fly too high... After deleting everything - Xpenology-stick as well as disks - and starting with new synoboot-DS918 image again, I found out, that my Gigabyte motherboard simply not seems to be compatible with DSM 6.2.2, regardless of the extra drivers available. DSM 6.2.1 is maximum level working, and without any patches. Btw it looks, that grub enumerates the two ethernet ports of this (?) board in other order as BIOS - the mac1 and -2 settings in grub.cfg just swap the BIOS's mac adresses, and so the IP-adresses from DHCP.
  9. No luck with 918+ yet. Loader is ok, but DSM lets the DiskStation disappear from LAN. Even IG-88's latest drivers do not help. I'll try out more next evening. Best regards
  10. Thanks for advice. I'll give it a try and will report. Jopa
  11. Hi all, I'm new here, but read thru lots of threads before - finding lots of interersting things, but nothing about the board named above, that I could understand. There are only some russian posts about it So I open this thread. The SoC N3160 (Celeron) is very alike the N3710 (Pentium) of the Synology 916+ - only lists differences in GPU, which are neglectable here - but I guess, the LAN and extra SATA chips (two Realtek RTL8111 and one ASmedia ASM1061) will be a difference to the orignigal 916 setup. My question now, as I want to get the latest Linux kernel