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  1. Hello, i have several xpen boxes up and running, all of them with less than 12 disks and worked like a charm. I used this awesome Forum as the main source of knowledge, but at my new project i stuck for several days on the same problem. But first my system infos: DSM version: DSM 6.1.7 - 15284 Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3615xs Installation type: BAREMETAL - Case: CSE846 Backplane: SAS846TQ - MB: Supermicro X10SRL-F - HBA: 2x LSI9207-8i IT Mode DSM is running on two SSDs connected at the onboard SATA Connectors Edit grub.cfg: SataPortMap=6488 Edit synoinfo.conf: maxdisks="26", esataportcfg="0x0", usbportcfg="0x3C000000", internalportcfg="0x3ffffff" Problem: When i plug a USB Stick in to the USB3.0 or USB2 ports on the MB they will be recognized as disk 21 in DSM, when i add a second USB Stick they will be disk 22. When i fill the System complete with 26 disks, the USB sticks will be recognized as a external device, how it should be. But after a reboot with all disks installed they will appear as disk 21+ and take the position of the real HDD. I played around with several Jun loader versions, installed it as a DS918+, as a DS3617xs with DSM 6.2.2 and DSM 6.1.x, every time the same issue. Has anyone an idea witch settings i have to change. Second trivial issue: DSM only recognized USB-Devices on the back side usb port, it ignores the internal USB-headder. Thanks in advance Phithue