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  1. I just bought a HP8300 Elite SFF (no HDD) for about 75€ and it works great running 6.2.2 - 3615xs Aside from the humming fan noise, I'm really happy with the setup.
  2. Hi guy Really happy and satisfied with the NAS build. I have a HP 8300 Elite running DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. Trying to get TVHeadEnd running with a DVB-C tv tuner and cannot get my head aroung getting it to work. Installing TVHeadEnd package goes without a hitch but cannot login at all, just getting an login issues. So I decided to go with the Docker version. Instalation goes perfect, can access the container using tge correct port mapping, however the tuner (USB connected) is not visible. Looked around the great wide web for the last week or so and cannot get ti to work. Could anyone help out please?