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  1. My brother has become quite envious of my xpenology and wants one too now so I have seen a ReadyNas Duo v2 and am thinking of putting xpenology on that dose anybody know if this is possible or is the hardware incompatible?
  2. In my DMS I was able to set my task scheduler to automatically start up and shut down however I decided that the times I had originally put in didn't suit me so I deleted them and made a new set of power on/off schedules. I did this typically by selecting control panel >> Hardware & Power >> Power Schedule. Then I added the days of the week with the desired startup and shutdown times. Saving them and exiting the DMS however none of the new power schedule items run automatically. I have checked for other tasks which might be running at the same time but there are no other tasks
  3. I will read up on the link you provided. The reason though I ask about the headless system though is because the original system is installed using a windows connector program (this being the very thing that WHS has trouble with). Thanks for the reply
  4. I recently purchased a secondhand HP EX490 media server with Xpenology on it I am completely new to media servers and nas though am quite software capable. I was expecting windows home server to work (since I also got the original software along with it) but quickly discovered this not to be the case. I hesitated to use Xpenology but must admit it's actually quite good. The seller is long gone from the online market place I purchased it from which is a pity because I have some questions about xpenology. The first one is in have a loader program on a usb stick and the DSM on a harddrive. Is i