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  1. I'm up and running again! Created a new bootable USB pen with version 6.1. Reinstalled the Nas using an extra HDD has you recommended, then reconnected my raid afterwards. Everything seems to be running fine, and all data is intact. Thanks again for the help
  2. Thanks alot for the fast reply Sbv3000. I am unable to ping the machine on the network so i have no way to remote it currently. I did however manage to login using the root username, but my lack of linuix commands is limited, so i need to read up on how to check disks/files. Will defintly look into upgrading to 6.1/6.2 aswell, if i'm able to salvage this
  3. Hey Guys I recently had a powercut, when trying to reboot my nas i got the following error. I was first prompted with a login screen. When trying to login i get the following message. can't chdir to home directory /var/services/home"username" Can't run /sbin/nologin: No such file or directory Iv'e had the nas running for almost 2 years without problems atall Running DSM 5.2 Appericiate any help i can get. Screenshot of error -