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  1. Ok.... I am using nanoboot from a usb drive on a dell t20. No powersaving anything in the bios. It used to work fine with no problem for about 2 years now if just freezes from time to time. how do i run memtest without windows installed?
  2. I am using nanoboot with 4482 on it and now all of a sudden it just stops working. I can reboot it and it may last a day or two then stops working again. I hook it up to a monitor and its frozen. Any info you need let me know. I am running it on a dell server tower
  3. It must be something to do with sabnzbd as I removed that and I have yet to have a shutdown. is anyone else experincing that?
  4. Id there any way I can convert my XPE box to a windows server. As hard as I have tried I cannot get this thing to stay running and its not worth all the trouble it has caused. Can I do this without reformatting my drives
  5. Ok. the nanoboot screen is frozen at the login and the keyboard is non responsive
  6. ok. no i cannot ssh into it or anything else. temp is fine it seems to happen around 2 oclock in the AM as it has worked all day up until then
  7. I have my Dell T20 setup using Nanoboot and everthing was working fine. the last two days it was working just fine but when I wake up for some reason it is no longer connected. I get no response on my GUI from the box. I have to restart it to get it working again. Its happened two days in a row. any ideas?
  8. ALSO... what is the advantage of using a VM vs flash drive?
  9. I used nanoboot on my Dell T20 and its perfect
  10. Survaillence Station only comes with license for 1 camera. You will have to purchase a license to use it with all the other cameras.
  11. I purchased the T20 (the $250 model on sale) for use as a freeNAS box. I did not like FreeNAS at all so I decided to try nanoboot. I flashed a drive put it in and BANG!!! it worked right out the box. Everything just worked. SO I have a i3 compatible box with 4GB of memory... fully expandable.. for 250 bucks. I put 4x4TB red drives in it and it is great. My only issue was that at first it was very very slow updating the GUI from what was happening on the box. But it seems as time is going on it is getting much faster. I am wondering if adding 8 more GB of ram would help this even more.