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  1. thanks @liwei, yes it's
  2. Also regarding the "AS-6XX_2.1.1.R3B2.img" it's almost the same with one small difference that parts are compressed with bzip2 and I had successfully extracted all files form it.
  3. I will stick to "AS-2XX_2.1.1.R3B2.img" for now as my target is to have a working media in first place. I will dig a bit in source code from sourceforge and will see where I get
  4. >> it seems we should extract builtin.tgz to the root partition? Yes, Believe so.
  5. IT BOOTED Now the builtin.tgz turn
  6. now the builtin.tgz contains every thing need I feel we are so near to achieve something here
  7. Hi all, Ok, Successfully extracted from "AS-2XX_2.1.1.R3B2.img" following files : bzImage bzImage.cksum bzImage.md5sum initramfs initramfs.cksum initramfs.md5sum builtin.tgz builtin.tgz.cksum builtin.tgz.md5sum by splitting the file "AS-2XX_2.1.1.R3B2.img" if 4 parts using following information : Title Offset(HEX) Offset(DEC) Size (DEC) --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- header 00000000 0 261 bzImage 00000105 261 2324481 initramfs
  8. Also from header I found initramfs_size=10033828 initramfs_skip=9057 builtinfs_size=85162084 builtinfs_skip=48385 script_line=344626
  9. the ramfs is in remain part of the file after tar part. The kernel is only about 2.3MB only But the total file is 93MB so the remain part is the ram fs i expect.
  10. >>How do you know to remove the header (261 bytes) of the file "AS-2XX_2.1.1.R3B2.img" ? Just quick look at the file in HEX mode showed that. thanks for debug info (more information about environment please). So I can translate it to that We shall start debugging the kernel (Task 1). Task 2 - We need to decide should we patch the original file or shall We compile from source ? Task 3 - We need to decide should We keep it here or move it to anther website something XPSTOR ?
  11. Hi everyone, I happy with this project and due to some needs I'm interesting to try asustor ADM from as it looks promising and more feature rich. I know most of you will not like the idea, But I can work on it with some support from from the community and let's see where it will goes. OK here what I did so far, Visited Downloaded Remove the header (261 bytes) of the file "AS-2XX_2.1.1.R3B2.img" Extracted the file after removing the heade