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  1. I need like 3-4 drives in raid5 + 3-4 drives for backups. This is test build so everything could be changed. Someone said that i should stay away from Marvell controllers and lsi is a way to go(which is weird because ds918+ use marvell controller). This mobo has 2xSATA build in, perfect for ssd. I added hestsink to this intel nic but it is unnecessary. USB nic is good idea. I could remove integrated realtek nic but i don't need more pcie slots for now.
  2. You're right! I assumed that it is x4 because it has pins for pcie x4 but it is actually x1(checked via lspci) which make sense. 3x Pcie slots@x1 + pcie x1(integrated realtek nic) so 4x1. I forget about it. Actually Intel nic was not working in pcie x1 slot. Only pcie x1 slots in this motherboard requires shorting two pins, i didn't know that. Gigabyte B365M HD3 is way better but i wanted to make this as much power efficient/cold as i could. It will work in attic where is often hot. J3455 is very cold but lsi sas2008 is not. It will be used mostly for thveadend(dvb
  3. Realtek nic showed up under DSM but it get weird ip address, I didn't try to use it. Sas controller work without problems but it has to be flashed to it mode. Pci2 x16 is actually electrically x4 however it's working fine. If DSM wouldn't detect sas controller, just change bios setting called "primary graphics adapter" or something similar from onboard to pcie express, probably ASRock j1900m had this problem/feature. There is intel nvme/optane in third pcie. It surprisingly showed up under bios and it can be used at boot drive but unfortunately it doesn't showed up under DSM. Also dev/dri fold
  4. I'm using ASRock j3455-m mobo with 8GB ram, Dell h310 sas controller(pcie x16@x4), Intel i350-t2 nic(pcie x1) and tevii s480 dvb-s2 connected via usb + Jun's loader 1.04b with DSM 6.2.3 This mobo requires pins A1 and B17 to be shorted for use x16 pcie card in x1 slot. I didn't know that and I "wasted" a few hours. It's still a test build but its on the right track.
  5. Loader from cf card may not work, it needs vid&pid. If you have free pci-e(at least pcie 2.0 and x2) you can add 10gbe nic. DSM 6.2 and newer wouldn't work because old cpu. As i know, it isn't ideal hardware for xpenology. I'm new here so don't listen to me
  6. I need advise about intel nic, 2x lan(bonding) should be enough. Which one? i found: 1." for Intel i340-T4" - propably 82580 chipset, 4xlan, pcie x4 2. "I350-T2" - i350AM2 chipset, 2xlan and pcie x4 but i have to cut it to pcie x1 3. "E575T2 " - 82575 chipset, 2xlan and pcie x1 so it is most suitable and cheapest too 4. "82576-T2" -82576 chipset, 2xlan and pcie x1 3 and for would be great because it's pcie x1 so will fit without any problem. 2 looking best but i have to cut pcie x4 to pcie x1. What about compatibility with dsm? there is any advantage of i350 o
  7. Dell h310 came to me today. I tested it on Asus e45m1 with two ssd on raid 0. Realtek nic, transfers to pc with Intel nic via 2 Chinese routers. Left is smb share, right is iscsi. Pcie X1: Pcie X4 with some services off(I saw that CPU usage is often 100%: I did test with online video playing on pc so it can have little affect at speeds Overall bandwidth is very similar so pci-e x1 isn't bottleneck for lsi controller while using Gbe lan
  8. I will try anyway. ASRock J3455M that looking promising has pci-e x16 but electrically x1. If pci-e x1 will be bottleneck I'll add second h310, one for every 5 drives. I also ordered pci-e riser. I want desolder integrated Realtek nic and put Intel nic instead it should work.
  9. I've ordered Dell h310. I'll flash it to it mode and will try with pci-e x1 on Asus E45M1-I DELUXE that I currently use.
  10. Unfortunately only motherboards I can buy cheap(<100$) is listed in first post, none of them has Intel nic but I can add pci-e Intel nic. I'll probably pick up ASRock J3455M because it fastest and same cpu as ds918+. I'm worried about lsi controllers, motherboard have only pci-e x1 so it's only 500MB/s(should I care about this? I use only gigabit lan). I could use two lsi if pci-e x1 speed would be bottleneck. I saw that (used) lsi controllers price is close to Marvell ones
  11. Hi, I'm new here. I recently installed dsm6.1.7 on Asus E45M1-I DELUXE (amd e-450, Realtek 8111E, 6xSata). It working pretty good, speed is enough but it isn't stable, it working good by day or two and it stop responding. I think I should swap to Intel cpu. Unfortunately motherboards with integrated cpu has mostly 2 or 4 sata ports, I need about 10. I was thinking about motherboard + lsi sas controller or two 88SE9215 controllers. I have some 4gb ddr3l laying around so itx motherboard would be nice but matx is ok. I wanted it to be cheap and low energy. Also I'm not sure th