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  1. okay, thanks, i will do this and give a feedback.
  2. OMV wants to install and partition the HDDs. Surely this can not be right?
  3. please help. my HP Gen 8 with 3 HDDs in RAID 5 and 1 HDDs stopped after Update 6.2.3 U3 Thx Axel.
  4. no matter where back, the main thing it remains the data and no reinstallation
  5. I am still restoring my Hyper Backup because my backup is on the external HDD. Unfortunately it is created with ext4 and with Windows I have no chance. Under Ubuntu I can't manage to restore the *.hbk file, so now I copy the *.hbk file to a NTFS HDD to have the backup. There is unfortunately my original synboot.img to create a clean USB stick. Do I have a chance then with the restore with Synology Assistant to get my system up and running. With the version 6.2.3 U2??? My family is already annoyed because nothing works. I have C1E turned off on the HP Gen8. I am a bit at a loss.
  6. I use the XP with HP Gen8 since two year. Every Update since before was running. Now Update 2 was installed and in the settings was the sing, that Update 3 is to install. After the download and the installation, the server was lost. Today I will make a new USB and start again. Hope that I can start recovery. And I will look the BIOS an C1E funktion. But the vip(pid is the same since two years. That cannot be the reason or any other ideas? Thxs. Axel.
  7. so far with me too, only after update 3 no more reaction, it does not boot. The question is, what should I do?
  8. - Outco me of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BARAMETAL - HP Microserver Gen8 - Additional: no ESx, with installed
  9. correct, but I need 4 LAN ports and therefore the recommended card is not relevant. But thanks for the hint. My system works totally reliable so far. I have no problems and am very satisfied.
  10. finally done and migrated from 3715xs to 3615xs. The complete system is running with DSM 6.2 24922 U2 with 1.03b loader for 3615xs now on HP Gen8. Thanks for all support. Nice rest of the week
  11. Hello, tested with 3615xs and yes it`s fine and run. Thanks a lot. It is possible to downgrade from 3715xs to 3615xs or only with completly new installation? I use a XEON CPU and 3615xs shows i3 CPU. Can I use also the higher performance of XEON with 3615xs? nice evening.
  12. Hello, thanks for you answer. I bought a Gigabit ET2 Quad Port Server AdapterE1G44ET2. This card is certified for DSM. x 1GbE&p=1 So I think, it`s can not be a problem of the chipset. I think so. I will test a version of 3615 with the same hardware.
  13. Hello, I have tested two version. I use the versin 3617xs to test all szenarios. Buy a new Quad port certified Intel network adaper and install this to pci-e slot, modefy the grub.cfg with new macs install on a blank HDD with a new flashed USB stick version 23739. All things looks fine. After this I install the update over the new installed Version with 24922. The DSM on HP Gen8 will not start, no IP adress, no way to connect second, I flashed a new stick, install a new, blank HDD and install 24922, after restart no connect to DSM. Then I flashed th
  14. okay, i'll test it with 3615xs. can i use the 1.04 loader for that? I have red I need 1.03b, right?
  15. I need a quad gigabit network card. What kind of card will be supported. Which loader can I use with hp gen 8 and 3617xs with version 24922?