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  1. - Outco me of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BARAMETAL - HP Microserver Gen8 - Additional: no ESx, with installed
  2. correct, but I need 4 LAN ports and therefore the recommended card is not relevant. But thanks for the hint. My system works totally reliable so far. I have no problems and am very satisfied.
  3. finally done and migrated from 3715xs to 3615xs. The complete system is running with DSM 6.2 24922 U2 with 1.03b loader for 3615xs now on HP Gen8. Thanks for all support. Nice rest of the week
  4. Hello, tested with 3615xs and yes it`s fine and run. Thanks a lot. It is possible to downgrade from 3715xs to 3615xs or only with completly new installation? I use a XEON CPU and 3615xs shows i3 CPU. Can I use also the higher performance of XEON with 3615xs? nice evening.
  5. Hello, thanks for you answer. I bought a Gigabit ET2 Quad Port Server AdapterE1G44ET2. This card is certified for DSM. x 1GbE&p=1 So I think, it`s can not be a problem of the chipset. I think so. I will test a version of 3615 with the same hardware.
  6. Hello, I have tested two version. I use the versin 3617xs to test all szenarios. Buy a new Quad port certified Intel network adaper and install this to pci-e slot, modefy the grub.cfg with new macs install on a blank HDD with a new flashed USB stick version 23739. All things looks fine. After this I install the update over the new installed Version with 24922. The DSM on HP Gen8 will not start, no IP adress, no way to connect second, I flashed a new stick, install a new, blank HDD and install 24922, after restart no connect to DSM. Then I flashed the USB Stick again and after reboot DSM asked me to reinstall. After ENTER, the DSM comes not back. No way to connect to the system Any idea what I can do to use 24922 on my bare metall HP GEN 8? Thanks a lot.
  7. okay, i'll test it with 3615xs. can i use the 1.04 loader for that? I have red I need 1.03b, right?
  8. I need a quad gigabit network card. What kind of card will be supported. Which loader can I use with hp gen 8 and 3617xs with version 24922?
  9. hey I use a new hdd without any partions and use the automatically install to 24922, no funcation after that.
  10. I use ds3617xs and the loader 1.03b. I don´t no a dfference between 3615xs and 3617xs loader: I think it´s the same or not?
  11. I used a new HDD with an no fresh USB. I install the version 6.2.1 23739 an have made an update in DSM to 24922. After the update, the system was never come back.
  12. I have a BareMetal HP GEN8 with 4x3TB HDD and in the current version DSM 6.2.1 23739. I changed the network card to an INtel chip with NC365T with four 1Gbit/s. I have done this with NC365T. The internal LAN SS are deactivated. As loader I have version 1.03b. When I update to version 24922, which I tried with a blank HDD, the DSM does not start anymore, the server is in a not definable state. Does anyone have hints how I can get from version 23739 to version 24922? I don't succeed. I would like to test this before I take my Live HHDs, so that I don't destroy my Live system. Thank you.