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  1. http://abc123.ddns.net:5000 Nie znaleziono serwera I also tested without a port: 5000 and 5001 Testowałem http oraz https
  2. Thank you for your interest http://abc123.ddns.net:5001 An unknown HTTP error has occurred! https://abc123.ddns.net:5001 Server not found
  3. Hello I created an account according to the guide from YT "Nextcloud in DSM 6.1.4 - Installation, configuration and testing" The problem is that with Android I have the error "SSL initialization failed" I did No-IP and in the DMZ router on Nas Nas. By www from another computer that is not on the network, I can easily log in the same through the web and I will enter the phone. Typing in the application: https://abc123.ddns.net:5000 causes the above message. Typing without port "Server not found" I came across: https://help.nextcloud.com/t/ssl-initialization-fails/1866