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    XPennolody DSM 5.0 and DS Cloud

    Hello all I have have just installed DSM 5.0 on my N54L and all works well thanks to the people on here for the kind advise. I have installed Cloud Station and have my desk tops and NAS synced no problems but i am wanting to do the same with my Iphone. Looking at the DScloud app it asks for an address or quick connect number being xpenology i don't have a quick connect number so i entered the DDNS address i have setup on the NAS along with the admin username and password and i get the following message "connection failed please check your network settings" So i tried the same anlong with the 6690 port number which i have forwarded to the NAS and i get the same error Any ideas guys? PLEASE
  2. chipper

    Install question, please help a newbie

    Thanks heaps guys
  3. Hello all Fantastic forum, i have read a fair amount on the forum and have decided to install DSM 4.3 (5.0 later) but i have a question about the install. I will be running a HP N54L with 3 x 2Tb WD red's in a raid 5 configuration, on the initial install do i just insert all drives and the install process will configure the raid 5 and install the OS ? Or would i be better off having another drive where the OS is installed along with other bits and pieces and the 3 x 2Tbs drives installed after the initial setup then configured into raid 5? Thank you in advance