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  1. This seems to be the case. I retried the 1.03b with 3615xs, and got the same thing, i get the happy hacking screen, but no ip detected. ill stick with 1.02b and DSM 6.1.7. Thanks for everyone's help!!
  2. flyride, i tried the DS3615 as well, didn't work
  3. thanks Olegin i'll will install another intel nic and give it a try. or else i saw a video on compiling the bootloader with other drivers... i may try that.
  4. I am trying to install Xpenology with the bootloader v1.03b (ds3617xs) for DSM 6.2 (Baremetal). Everything goes well and i get the happy hacking screen but i cannot find it with the synology assistant. Just on a whim i tried Genesys modified bootloader v1.02b (ds3617xs) with MBR partition Table and it works perfectly fine. The problem is the DSM cannot be updated to 6.2. I am good at following instructions, but not the most technical. I have updated the HP to the latest BIOS and still have the same results. Any insights? Also the cpu is a i5-3570, 16 GB Ram installed, and intel NIC I may just stay with 6.1, but the fact that the normal loader is not working may affect further updates?? Thanks
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