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  1. I see that now but it was unrelated. I quickly set that back up to get a screenshot for you and that goes away after clicking okay and letting the screen refresh. Thank you helping though! Setting the second disk mode to Persistent - Independent fixed the issue.
  2. It may be too soon but I think I've fixed the issue. I've now created a few files and am now copying a large amount of data with no issues so far. I had to set the second disk to Independent - Persistent.
  3. I've found this guide to pass physical as RDM. I've created the RDM but when I try to add in xpenology VM i get the error "Incompatible device backing for device (device#)" I've tried the guide with hardware version 6.7, 6.5 and 5.5. Thank you for any help!
  4. Good evening! Still having the issue above. No matter what configuration I try my drive becomes completely full after transferring the first file. Whether its a kilobyte, a meg or a gig it reports my 1.8 TB "data" drive in xpenology as full
  5. Okay I figured out the issue above. Of course it was user error 🙄. I have just setup a physical xpenology and reused files. Made the modifications to grub like I was supposed to but still, my bad. So onto a new issue. I have a disk which is 1.8 TB dedicated to xpenology. After copying around 20 gigs the disk shows full. All 1.8 TB used. I don't even know where to start with this issue. The VM locks up and I must power it off and restore a snapshot to get it back up and running. It happened once so I rebuilt and now it is happening again. UPDATE: It doesn;t matter what file operation I do, the result is the same. I restored a snapshot and setup storage again. After copying one file which was 1.13 GB the VM locks up and shows the drive as full. Even ESXI shows the drive as full.
  6. Hey guys I'm seeking help. I too am only getting the option to recover once installation is complete. What I've tried so far: synoboot.img with custom serial number synoboot.img with default serial number esxi 6.7 hardware esxi 6.5 hardware 23648.pat 23824.pat I have 3 physical drives in my server. Tried loading syno.vmdk from 1st drive (datastore) and saving my storage drive to the 3rd drive (datastore) Tried loading all from same datastore Any advice is greatly appreciated.