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  1. Hi there, yes using TheBay. It is the first time this happened, and I didn't remember these steps from 4 years ago. Not sure why/how these settings changed there is no keyboard connected and time/other bios settings are all good (so battery is ok). Rebuild is almost 10% through.
  2. I received my replacement hardrive and while following the tutorial above I noticed that my drives were all seen in Bios but I qwas still missing two in DSM. Turns out my modified BIOS for the n54L had changed. By following: From the main screen go to ‘Chipset > Southbridge Configuration > SB SATA Configuration’ and make sure your settings are the same as below: OnChip SATA Channel = Enabled SATA PORTS 4/5 IDE mode = Disabled SATA EPS on all PORT = Enabled SATA Power on all PORT = Enabled Return to the main screen then go to ‘Advanced > IDE Configuration’ and again, make sure your set
  3. Started looking at this tutorial , looks awesome and covers my situation (I hope). I will go through it and report back.
  4. not sure if I am posting the right section, it looked appropriate here. Hi there, I have been using xpenology on this box for the last 4 years, currently running DSM 5.2 (i know, upgrade to DSM 6 was planned this month). My setup is : 4 bays with 4TB drives, CD-ROM port 6TB and E-SATA with 6TB drive set-up in SHR. Everything was working perfectly until I got a Smart quick scan failed issue on drive 5 (CD-ROM port), I ordered a new drive(waiting for it) but after a reboot yesterday and I got Volume Crashed. Which weird because I know that 5 o