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  1. @IG-88 Do you want an update when I hear back from The Netherlands? Just sent i off with GLS tonight.
  2. Update; ASRock have agreed to RMA the board, I'm in the process of exchanging details with ASRock Netherlands at the moment. Wonderful service thus far, just like last time. Can't complain at all.
  3. Yeah, I'm just doing my due diligence. Had word back from ASRock who wanted me to reset BIOS and take a screenshot of the IPMI, so I got that going for me..
  4. I found something that looks interesting: Seems like a direct upgrade for the current board AND it supports the registered ECC memory sticks I have. That's effectively double my current cores - and I can run it with my existing power supply. Already bought a small fan for cooling the current system, so I can just use that for the new one. (Upgraded case fans, too.)
  5. The gigabyte looks to be consumer grade, but I'll admit it nice looking. As it happens, I am flush with some DDR4 memory, HYNIX HMA82GR7MFR4N-UH 16GB (1X16GB) 2400NHZ PC4-19200 CL17 ECC REGISTERED SINGLE RANK DD4 SDRAM 288-PIN DIMM. Could pay off to look at something that could utilize those. Looking at a local site, it looks like the Gigabyte should be able to use them, even if not in ECC mode. Maybe toss something like the Intel Xeon E3-1220V6 in it? I can get a fairly decent price on that, it seems. With those two, I'd just have to find a new case and I'd come in at around
  6. I didn't have great experiences with my trial with OMV. It dropped my raid array like... four times in a day. Tentative to go back to that. Ubuntu Server was even more of a letdown, it was around the time they changed bootup procedure calls to start services and I had to do a lot of retconning. Besides, I don't operate linux enough to keep up-to-snuff on securing it properly. What kind of build are you running Xpenology on? I am severely on the fence right now. Looking at all the possible options for a consumer-NAS and even a few professional offerings, they all seem to come
  7. You have a point. My little box has just become such a focal point in my life by now, basically serving the home, that I am looking for the least-amount of *******-uppery to occur. Hence why I moved from Ubuntu, to FreeNAS, to OMV and finally to xpenology. DS918+ looks like it should be of adequate function, and can be expanded with external drivebays if need be. I'll certainly be avoiding the larger DS1517+ entirely, since I really need procesing power for transcoding. I've grown accustomed to Xpenology/Synology, but maybe Synology just suffers from poor choice of CPU over all. It's not
  8. I don't, sadly. Considering what I'm seeing with the hardware, it certainly sems to confirm that the issue here is the mainboard. I'll just have to see what ASRock has to say about it. Think I may just bite the bullet, stop my tinkering, and get a real synology. If they do replace it, which would be wild considering the original purchase date was feb 15 and I got it RMA'ed once already it would serve fine as a secondary backup-unit or something. I just don't trust the hardware any more at this point.
  9. For now, I've submitted a case to ASRock technical support. I can't get anything out of it except IPMI, and that runs on its own chip AFAIK. Interestingly all sensors have now gone dark, and there's literally zero information to be found about the board details anywhere. I booted up the Asus computer again to see if I could clean anything more specific than Striker Extreme and Republic of Gamers, but sadly not. I can't find any readily identifiable markers other than that. It's this motherboard though: Socket 775 running a Q6600 quad core. So an older gentleman
  10. Looking at the thing it just says Striker Extreme and Republic of Gamers.
  11. It's SD3615XS 6,1 Baremetal with Jun's Mod v.1.02b System I am attempting to boot on is an ASUS ROG Motherboard, 8GB of memory and an Intel Core2 Quad @ 2.4GHZ. Appreciate the feedback everyone.
  12. Hi all. Been running an AsRock C2750D4I system since.. 2015 or so, and sadly the heatwave seems to have killed it. It was working fine, serving multiple plex streams over Xpenology when suddenly it just died in spectacular fashion. IPMI showed nothing wrong, but couldn't get the server to halt, either. Forced a reboot and nothing. Checked IPMI again and CPU was reporting temp at negative 123C. I figure it's safe to say it's fairly fried. My SSD cache died 1-2 weeks ago, so I guess I should have been more wary of the heat. Live and learn. Quietly wept. Dug