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    Error => all volumes have been removed

    Hello fellow Enthusiast, I got a rather Big Problem. I Stumbled upon this Project early this year and have been playing around with it ever since. After my System has been running for around 3 month without any problems i decided to consollidate all my data in an shr Array. As i am still in the middle of that Process and i dont have any disk space to spare, i was unable to create a backup for any data. As of last Week, whenever i start my "nas" i get the following notice: Error detected on System. All volumes have been removed. That happened twice before, usually after a Reboot everything went back to normal. Since i could Not find any issues After rebooting i Let that chance to Save my data Slide and now it seems like everything is gonne. Or at least it doesnt fix itself anymore. Anyone have a good idea? Im on the lastest dsm Version, if you Need further Info pls ask..