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  1. I'm using SFTP, so technically not a mount in th way that I'ver termed it. File Manager in DSM allows for you to create the remote connection. I've chosen SFTP, but with multiple transfers, or large transfers, it can bomb out. The remote connection gets removed/hidden from File Manager and I would have to reboot or wait for a time out of that connection to start again. If there was a client support, I'd be happier using that. I've not looked into rsync, but I'd like to. I've tried looking into Syncthing but can't fully work it out, tbh.
  2. Hi all Just wondering if there is better SFTP support for DSM? I use a "mount" via File Station, which is usually adequate enough. However, large amounts of transfers can seemingly crash the mount, and some transfers fail to copy. In other instances, the mount can fail and vanish from view in File Station and I would need to reboot DSM to get it back. Is there something available, that's more reliable?
  3. Hi I'd like the thermal temp of both the NAS and the Storage drives to be visible on the widget panel. Is there a way of adding these?
  4. What widgets are there available that can give a more accurate and detail representation of hardware? Looking specifically for temperatures within chassis, cpu and hdd's.
  5. I've been running DSM a couple of days, playing with some of the settings, features and packages - but ultimately filling the thing. I've built myself a 4-bay NAS in RAID-5 configuration. I've been experimenting with the Power Options, and set the NAS to turn off at 23:00pm and to wake at 8:00am. This didn't seem to work? As my uptime had no break in it from the time I started it the day before... I want to know if DSM is reading my hardware correctly, and working with my h/w correctly. For example, are the Thermal readings of the drives and CPU accurate? How can we confirm?
  6. Hi everyone. It has been a real PIA trying to register on here recently but finally got in I've been toying with the idea of building/buying a NAS for a few years. I toyed with the VM installation of XPenology a couple of years ago and loved DSM, but the price of buying, and even building, has been off putting... but I couldn't really put it off any more. I have media I want to store, serve and keep safe from a central network location within the home. Building is the path I chose, and out of all the open source NAS operating systems, DSM had to be it. Thanks for those that make it posisble, and the tutorial to install 6.1 was a breeze - worked first time like a charm. Keep on keeping on.
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